Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Check out these chaps!

Thanks to the beauty of broadband I've finally managed to get access, here in the Cornish wilds, to the great world of the UK independent small press comics scene. A recent delight has been the discovery of 'Lou Scannon' ("bounties hunted, cargoes smuggled, gains ill gotted") from Dan Harris and Kris Carter. A great comedy sci-fi ensemble caper grown on a diet of H2G2, Red Dwarf and Firefly, amongst others. Well paced and written with a real pzazz, and with gags that raised more than a couple of snorts into my first coffee of the day, these guys really love their characters and their universe and are obviously having great fun getting it all down on paper. Excellent value entertainment for £3.00 (inc postage), handsomely and professionally presented, and swift delivery to your very own isolated windswept doorstep. Roll on issue #2...buy #1 and find out more here.

I loved it so much I was inspired to this piece of fan art, which is the first fan piece I've done since I got a picture of Judge Dredd as a duck into 2000AD way back in 1978!

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