Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hopping my way out of the dog days....

Satisfyingly busy at work and play lately; the next 6 months is booked with a couple of exciting and large commissions, and a collaboration with the local maritime museum squeezing in to the mix as well.

Here's some of the play stuff: in looking to develop my comic work I've been lucky enough to be given a script  or two by some talented writers I met through the message boards on Mark Millar's Millarworld site. I've been wanting to develop my narrative abilities on some more mainstream comic book tales, as well as the more underground nature of the work I've been doing on Dana Larsen's Hairy Pothead title; the first are a page and a half of the artwork for Niall Doonan's Dogs webcomic he has in development for Get Bent productions. I'm unable to give so freely of my time that I can make their fortnightly deadline, but any artists out there interested in working with a talented new writer who have time and pencils to offer then I'd be happy to pass on any communications.

The sketchbook pieces are for a script by Paul Penna that he's put my way, and I'm not naming as it would potentially blow his finely crafted tale by spoiling what/why the characters.

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