Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In the works...

Thought I'd post this panel mid build... it's from the freelance commission I have on the board at the moment. I really enjoy seeing other peoples' workings and rough pencils, all the energy and movement and choices that go into a finished piece. I used to to show this kind of working drawing quite a lot when I was running projects in schools, to kids frustrated beyond reason when their big idea had seemingly failed after the first few strokes of the pencil, to show them there wasn't a graphic they saw anywhere in print or pixel that didn't start out as a rough sketch first...and then probably several.
This panel is from an old Persian tale for a UK schools publisher, and even though the Getty library and various archives are great for reference, I seem to have got more in the mood by happily rereading EP Jacobs' "Blake and Mortimer and The Mystery of the Great Pyramid"... a series that isn't everyone's cup of tea but has become a real guilty pleasure in the last couple of years.  (Click images to view).

Primary: 8.5 x 5cm thumbnail

Secondary: 28 x 18cm rough pencil drawing


  1. That's really cool to see...it is a big leap from the first sketch to finished item, and one that is hard to visualise at first.

  2. Thanks Francesca... Can't recommend prelim' mini-sketches enough; I used to get so precious over a drawing that wasn't going right that I'd try and work around the mistakes I was making rather than altering them.

  3. I love to see the art in layout stages! I can really your skill from the rough sketches on to the pencils! Really great.