Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Getting More Hairy...

The third issue of Dana Larsen's Hairy Pothead saga is now nearly complete with the final colour flourishes being laid down during the last days of August. Thanks largely this time to the stalwart help and assistance of the excellent and talented Rona Innes, animator, illustrator, digital and storyboard artist on getting the flat colours set down for me to work the final finishes on to. Rona's enthusiasm and professional dedication made a massive difference on how well this issue has finally come together, and her comprehensive site featuring her impressive range of original and arresting work is definitely worth a lengthy visit.

Here's a couple of preview pages from Hairy issue #3 featuring several of the regular characters as they are sorted into their respective houses at the school of herbology, and Hairy and friends entering the great hall of Hempwards School itself.

(Click on the images for a larger view...)


  1. well done for yet another major effort with so much on your plate

    1. Cheers Jack...would still love to put a complete Story Explorer strip together with you some time!