Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jack's back...

Now I've got some 'down' time after finishing the latest commission it's time to get some more portfolio work done, so I'm returning to the Jack Lantern character I've been developing over the last couple of years specifically for that purpose. There are tales and back stories I've loosely attached to him, and though he has a lot of steampunk (for want of a better term) sensibilities about him I think he owes more to the DC Thomson 'Hotspur' character Red Star Robinson and his robot butler sidekick Syrius Thrice who were big favourites of mine as a kid.

Here are the pencil and ink comparisons; the colured artwork will follow in a couple of days...
(Click the images for a larger view)


  1. love seeing the pencil along side the finished inks. Your pencils are so clean too! Smashing stuff!

  2. Cheers Jon! I really like the fact blue leads in a clutch pencil require a lighter hand and don't smudge like the black graphite/leads...I used to get that stuff everywhere.