Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting to grips...

I'm discovering a lot to enjoy about working with MSex4, but apart from the pen sets and extensive range of rulers and curves, the fact that it allows me to spin my 'canvas' whilst inking and painting is a real delight. For the last ten years I've worked on an animator's drawing board where the drawing surface is a sheet of round perspex inset that allows me to spin the artwork so I can get the brush angles that I'm most comfortable with (as well as acting as an all in one lightbox). It's this facility in MSex4 (previously NOT available in some other proprietary brands of art software) that's finally allowing me to crack inking /colouring etc with a stylus and tablet.

This is a panel I've reworked today from the original pencil art from one of my Rude Mechanicals strips...(click for a larger view).

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