Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cog-it-o ergo sum

I encountered the fascinating blog of The Boffin's Bunker today after it's creator dropped me a line via Twitter, very sportingly looking to give my work a mention. Based somewhere in the heart of darkest Cornwall (I suspect a tad further down from where I am) it features some of the most strikingkly beautiful and, at times, hauntingly eerie steampunk creations, from baby lamp lamp babies, to arcane devices and 'found' jewellery, to the contents of eldritch trinket boxes and the kind of weaponry no self respecting ethernaut would leave home without. And all it would appear, crafted by the 'Boffin' himself, or perhaps with the aid of a minion or two in the bunker, who can tell? Details are rather vague and sketchy as the Boffin remains, like some Old Time Radio hero, shrouded in a steamy fog of mystery, brass and intrigue.

The blog itself is a veritable wunderkammer of objet de vapeur, with cogged up Main de Morts side by side with augmented lobsters fresh from the workshops of Captain Nemo's Nautilus. It's the kind of emporium that Carnacki would visit for spare batteries for his electric pentacle, where the arcane, the mathemetical, the occult and the engineered come together in a compelling body of evidence for a world  that might just have been.


Viewing recommended! Once you've checked out the video tour above, click on the image beneath to visit The Boffin's Bunker:


  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog article.

    I hasten to add 'Boffins Bunker' is not commercial enterprise but a private collection of artefacts, but which I (The Boffin) like to share (vanity) images of my creations & collections.

    It is the images of others work & creations which have inspired me to tinker, so I like to return the favour.

    1. You're welcome. It's a really transporting and fabulous collection. Great that you're putting it 'out there' for others to enjoy. Do you actually exhibit or show anywhere at all?

  2. I have shown & given talks on some objects from the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' collection, but not the steampunk, but now its all merging into one collection in a blurring of boundaries in the laboratory. Cryptozoology, taxidermy, natural history, witchcraft & of course steampunk ...I think you will love the occult stuff when that comes out!