Monday, 31 March 2014

Time Travel Adventures......

Been delighted to be asked to provide a couple of pages for an upcoming issue of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel (successor to the historic Dr WTF?! anthologies) by the erstwhile editor and small press power house Owen Watts ( ). 

This time Owen has teamed me up with a new talented comic writer on the scene Chris Redfern ( / ) on a perfectly formed two pager time travel tale in the mould of the classic 2000AD Future Shocks stories (back in the day!). Some neat little connections between Chris and myself which help add to the creative mix, both of us from Bolton originally, and as a helicopter pilot for Bond Air, Chris also occasionally flies the Cornish Air Ambulance, while I used to drive the jumble collection for the charity in the county....okay, not quite so glamourous I grant you, but one of those nifty less than 6 degrees of separation synchronicities that put you on notice that you're on to a bit of a winner.

Here are a couple of character concept sketches towards Chris's script, featuring one of the Councillors of Time (click images for a larger view):

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