Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dr WTF! 2012

Feel very honoured to be accepted recently into the ranks of contributors to the splendid and affectionate homage anthology 'Dr WTF!', maintained under the patrician editorial whip of Mr. Owen Watts. Full of luminaries from the world of small press and indie comics, I'm quietly thrilled to be collaborating with the Eagle Award nominated writer Mike Lynch, from County Clare. He's written a cracking two pager that's a really touching little vignette from a day in the life of a possible Dr, involving intergalactic council workmen and and a slapdash admin department. I've posted the early character ideas below, and you can catch them again with a bit more info on this and other projects from Mike himself over on his Abandoned Blog at Wordpress. (As per usual...click images for bigliness.)

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