Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dr WTF! 2012

Managed to spend some time this afternoon getting started on Mike Lynch's script for next year's Dr WTF! anthology. I'm fortunate to have a full diary of freelance work on at the moment (though awkwardly in the middle of ongoing house renovations and removals) so I've been quite limited on the extra curricula jobs I can take on. Mike's 'Clerical Error' is the one treat I've allowed myself between here and the new year that I'm confident of being able to do justice to in the snatched bits of in-between time. It's a neat two pager that manages in just a few strokes to gives us a compassionate Doctor steeped in the classic persona with ample shades of the snappier paced modern show.

Incidentally, Mike is rightly nominated in the ICN comic awards this year for Best Self-Published Irish Comicbook happens here folks!

Pencils for the first three panels from page one below. Click to view larger.

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