Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Picking Pot

My ongoing work on Dana Larsen's Hairy Pothead comic book continues apace. Currently working on issue #3, the greatest challenge for me on this series has been Dana's desire to stick with a fairly strict 3x3 panel structure, which we'll be working with through the whole twelve issue series, but like most challenges it's really helping me improve my game. 

I work exclusively in blue lead these days, but for approval purposes I always rustle up a black line channel for Dana before I mail them off to Canada.

In this sequence we are introduced to Hairy's future pals and fellow students as they arrive in the Great Hall at Hempwards School and are divvied up into their respective houses via the Picking Pot cauldron...which provides Hairy with a dilemma!

Spot the guest appearances by the late greats Carl Sagan and Allen Ginsberg!
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  1. The art work looks great! I can't wait to see the inked version.

    Alberto Ramirez