Thursday, 23 February 2012

New work: children's illustration

A few samples from some of the children's and educational books I've been working on recently. I'm still trying to settle in to whether I'm happier inking with brushes or pens (or a combination), but as with most things at the moment it's time and deadlines that dictate.I also reckon I have so much more to learn and understand about colouring digitally, but the more I do the better I get at speed....although I still feel  there's a flatness to the rendering of a lot of my current work that I'd love to break out of. However, I'm being asked for more by name on certain jobs, and getting recommended by one editorial team to another, so I know I must be making some people happy some where.

Bottom line though, I'm really enjoying what I do for a living, enjoy striving to get better at it, and love that I'm actually starting to make a living at this...especially when I hear that whole teams of people I've worked alongside of in education and the public sector have all been made redundant in the last 18 months!

(Click images for larger slideshow view. Copyright: Oxford University Press and Clean Slate Publishing)


  1. YES!!! When you like what you do, thats good. When what you do makes you a living that's better. When people recognise what you do and like it enough to ask for it, that gives solid satisfaction. I'm really pleased for you.

    1. Ta Nancy...moved on a bit from scribbling in a damp sketchbook in a soggy field! ;D