Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bologna Children's Book Fair

This is a selection of pieces that the Advocate Art Agency were representing my work with at last week's Bologna Children's Book Fair, which will hopefully secure me some exciting new commissions and opportunities for the next twelve months. It's made a massive impact having Advocate represent me over the last couple of years in both the quality and breadth of exposure they've enabled me to access. A real foot in doors that I never managed to enter through personal approaches in the past, as well as clients and territories previously unconsidered; they've made a huge difference to the amount and quality of commissions coming my way recently and have been well worth getting on board with.

From a small back room in Cornwall I've found myself working for clients in New Zealand, Belgium, America and the UK, such as Penguin, OUP, Heinemann, MacMillan, McGraw Hill and others. The internet has made it a very small planet all of a sudden and it's been quite a buzz to find myself working for publishers whose stuff I grew up reading as a kid and later found myself using in my work in schools here in the UK in my previous career.

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