Thursday, 20 March 2014

New board, new studio....

Really enjoying working in my 'new' studio set up the last few weeks. Same set up as the old one, but with my beloved animator's board revamped and revitalised thanks to the support of my engineer and jack-of-all-trades father and his trusty wood router. I still think of it as the same board, even though it's just the stand and perspex disc that remain!

Other difference being I'm now landed and reassembled in my new home up on the Cornish moors, as opposed to the slightly softer South coast by the sea. I grew up round here so I'm loving being back in my old stomping grounds, and with the wide open moors and tors, there's lots of stomping to be done.

So here's a quick shot of a stash of current pencil pages for my ongoing work on Dana Larsen's Harry Potter pastiche comic book series...currently working on issue #4 in a 12 issue series.


  1. Let the Tor Stomping commence!

    1. Heh! Indeedly...I have seven league boots all nicely broken in and waiting by the door for when the drawing ache is upon me :)